13 January 2018

Using a Bullet Journal for Mental Health Care

I’ve done a few videos on mental health care and written a blog about my 2017 bullet journal. I’m a believer in the power of the bujo. I’m a convert, but a bujo isn’t for everyone. If it isn’t for you, but you need to up your mental health care game, try making the two trackers I’mma show you in this blog. They’ve been freaking amazeballs goodness when it comes to improving the quality of my life, friends.

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5 January 2018

You know, I’m back like I never left…

{posted on Facebook January 5, 2018 at 4:49 pm}

Hello, friends! This Facebook page has been unpublished for a couple of months, so it’s been a minute since we’ve connected. I’ve missed you! If you see me in your newsfeed, let me know and be sure to tell me how you’ve been!¬†
Updates from Lil’ Nashvegas:
I didn’t pitch any hissy fits (in public) over the holidays. My hair grew out some more and I dyed it red again, ’cause eff that gray and silver bidness. I’m not ready to embrace it. My mister still snores. I wear earbuds¬†now, so I won’t kill him in his sleep. I’m still all in with the DIY projects. I haven’t lost any fingers to the chainsaw, but I do have an impressive red splotch on my right boob on accounta handheld sanders can get away from you.
Still writing a book. Still all up in the Ancestry Dot Time Suck. Do y’all remember Noble, my 2nd great grandfather? I spoke with his daughter, my great aunt, on the phone recently! Another great aunt reached out to me through Ancestry and it’s been absolutely beautiful. If y’all are interested, I’ll share some photos after while.
I didn’t get a baby goat for Christmas. My mister gave me a motherflippin’ Jeep. I’ve named the Jeep Baby Goat.
Again, I’ve missed you. Check in here and give me some updates! I’m so, so, SO happy to be back.
Much love and peace, B.
We went to Universal Studios over the Christmas break. Extreme Peopleing with zero panic attacks! I employed those strategies and managed without medication. Here’s a photo of me in Harry Potter World. I’m drinking warm butterbeer. I have lipstick on my teeth, ’cause you can’t take me anywhere.