6 November 2016

I Wear What I Want- The Sexy Black Dress

 I had a meeting with serious folks about serious topics, so I picked out a sensible, sassy blue dress and low heels. BUT THEN, a dress arrived from Gwynnie Bee. Now, when I tried it on, my mister was like, “Hot damn, baby!” I went ahead and hung it up on my dressing room door and told him he’d have to take me out on a date and I’d wear it for him. BUT THEN, the morning of the meeting arrived and, in a moment of bravado, I put on the seriously sexy dress, because that’s what it is- both serious and sexy. Turns out, it was the perfect thing to wear that day. Gave me all kinds of confidence and my boobs looked ah-may-zing too. Win-win.
   I adore this wrap dress by Kiyonna! The honey comb mesh at the shoulders and the vee neck line are what make it so flippin’ sexy. The way it clings does as well, but I also like how it’s kinda sedate, you know? I think it says, “Listen, I’m totally on point with whatever we’re doing here. I’m classy, but I know. The hotness is just about to take your breath away.” I was gonna do a little pompadour with my hair, but thought the slicked back bun was a better option. Gives that whole sexy librarian vibe I think my mister is pickin’ up on with this dress.
I know, right?
I didn’t take this purse to my meeting, but I will take it when I wear this dress on my hot date with my mister. This purse is gorgeous and sees too little action.
That purse and I have a lot in common.
So, I wore another outfit that clung to the curves of my body, that showed my belly, that fit me. And guess what? The. World. Did. Not. End.
The look from head to toe:
earrings and necklace– I picked these up for a steal using the Wish app.
purse– Vera Bradley 25th Anniversary evening bag in mod pink floral with kiss lock (I splurged on mine the year it came out, but I found one on eBay here.)
dress– Kiyonna (I rented it via my subscription at Gwynnie Bee.)
Try Gwynnie Bee for one month free!
I saved my ass for last. I didn’t want anyone to faint from the sexy.
  • Connie Ryland

    You look fabulous!!!

  • Kathy

    Wowza, woman!

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