19 November 2015

Be of Service

This week has been a rough one for my family and me. My head space has been all foggy with stress and strain of being the adult in charge. I not only maintained, I kept us all alive while working side by side with my mister. I don’t think I get a special award for this behavior. I think that’s just called being a grown up. I employed some healthy strategies (redirection, positive self talk) and unhealthy strategies (binge eating and smoking). As I meditate this morning, a true blessing came upon me with the sun. I remember another strategy I learned in group therapy. Be of service.

Doing for others is a mighty fine way to help pull yourself out of a depressive episode. Now, I’m not suggesting you throw yourself at someone else’s problems in order to avoid your own. Nope. I’m saying look around and be a helper, ’cause there’s a self satisfying soul level goodness to helping somebody else that’ll pull you up and out of yourself like nothing else.

Be of service. The magic of being helped and helping others is upon me this morning, friends. My old code is back. I can taste it like the strong coffee in my cup. It warms my belly. I feel it as I fold the clothes headed out to Colorado to the little kids there who need them, clothes which came to the little-Little from a friend. The hand-me-down chain’s back in action. I see it in the collaboration of writers who lend their talents and to one another, ’cause seeing one another succeed is a joy for all of us. I smell it in the cookies baking in the oven, headed out to a friend who’s feeling mighty lonely right about now. Cookies and a visit might help make that better.

Doing for others. Being of service. Paying attention on a global scale to our neighbors, to babies who may have escaped terrorists, but can’t escape the waters which now rot their feet. Not looking away even when it hurts. Speaking up when it’s easier to stay silent. Not living in fear when the monsters want us to just that. Being of service. Praying. Finding our collective voice. Saving millions of lives in the process.

Just doing what we can. I couldn’t clear my head space. The only way to clean up was to get out of there a while. I still have work, piled from here to Sunday. Seriously, I’d pay one of you heifers 95 million dollars to hang the lights on my Christmas tree. You’ll have to take a post dated check, of course. I have all that to do and a whole lot more, just like all y’all do.

Finding little ways to do for others over the past few days has turned all my stress and unhealthy strategies into happiness. I’ve been on the receiving end of love and that swirls around in me and right on out into the world. The little-Little’s teacher gave me a jolt of kindness. I’m gonna save some for myself. The rest, I’mma spread about in abundance. Every smile from a friend, every lovely act big or small , just keeps fueling my happiness, my desire to connect with others. Receive light. Give light. Be of service.

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