1 February 2017

Hi, friend!

If you’re looking for One Fabulous Mama (OFM), you’ve found her! Only, listen. I’m not going by that moniker anymore. I’m just plain, old Beth Hallman. Well, perhaps old, but never plain. I’m exquisitely, gloriously, happily Beth Hallman.

For seven years, I wrote and blogged as OFM, but the time has come to let her go.  The time has come to tell my stories in the way I want to tell them. I’m getting fully out of the way and stepping into writing fiction. That’s what I’ve always wanted and that’s the gift I’m giving myself. I’ll still be blogging, wearing what I want, and sharing a recipe or two, but y’all go on ahead and get ready for some good Southern story telling with a witchy twist. Get ready for Honey. Well, get ready to wait a while, ’cause I’m still in the early writing stages. This book’s pretty much writing itself. I’m simply holding the tale.

If you’ve come this far, take a few minutes to explore the new website. Check out the body of work I have here. You’ll find a few new pieces. And check out the new shop! I’m selling my book 100 Days of Goodness. You’ll also find those sneaky ninjas and a handful of merchandise I adore.

Thank you for sticking with me. Some of y’all have been here  since I started writing online in 2010. Some of y’all came on the scene with the release of my first book in 2013. More folks join us every day and that’s some kind of wonderful. Thank you, friends. Big love from Lil’ Nashvegas, B.

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