2 November 2017

Goodbye, social media! Hello, life!

Dear friends,

I’m taking a huge leap of faith and deleting all social media platforms associated with my work. Without drama or fanfare, without a full understanding or explanation of why, I’m letting go. Some writer friends will call me mad, because I’m abandoning platforms I’ve spent years building. A ton of thought has gone into this decision. I’m not abandoning you or my words.

If you want to keep reading my work or if you’d like to connect with me, you can do so here on my website. If you pre-ordered my novel, I have your information stored and you’ll receive a copy when it’s ready. Thank you for believing in me! While I’m no longer accepting pre-orders, you are welcome to stop by my store to purchase my book, 100 Days of Goodness.

I’m excited to see what will happen in my life when no one is watching, when I’m not obsessively checking in in order to check out. I wonder what impact this will have on my life, relationships, and writing. If I ever return to social media, I truly hope we’ll reconnect there. I wish y’all the very best and hope you’ll check back here to read my words.

Much love, B.


15 September 2017

Lipsense: The Review!

My friend, Tiffany, is da bomb. No seriously. She is. Remember that time I taught a theatre camp? She’s the reason I did that. So, when Tiffany fell in love with LipSense, I took notice. She posted on social media about it like she’d met the love of her makeup life.

Now, I get why.

Teadra Mitchell, one of my readers and an all around fun chick, contacted me in August and asked if I’d give Lipsense a try. Remembering Tiffany’s response to it, I immediately said yes. I’m not good with choosing colors, so I left that up to Teadra. The color she sent was perfect. It’s an outstanding red called Fly Girl. Very me.

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13 October 2016

The Truth

This isn’t what I planned on writing today. I was gonna finally sit down and explain that whole “shoo fly” positivism, finally articulate the moment it all clicked. I’m still gonna do that, but there’s more here. Something relevant. Something worthy of note. First, lemme tell y’all about what happened last week when I was just going to the utility room, just going to get a Diet Coke out of the refrigerator we keep stocked with drinks. Look, we don’t keep our drink fridge on the carport anymore. We’re gettin’ a little uppity like that.

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30 August 2016

A Friend Request

 “Friend, I’m deactivating my personal Facebook account. Not deleting, just deactivating. All of the professional social media platforms associated with Beth Hallman- One Fabulous Mama will remain live and active. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing happened. For now, I’d simply like to remain in contact with my friends by phone, email, or (gasp!) regular, old mail. If you’d like for me to remain in touch with you as well, respond with your personal contact information. I value your friendship! Much love, Beth”
   That’s the message I send yesterday to over one hundred people on my friends’ list. I send something similar to folks whom I’ve made connections with on social media via blogger/writer/advocacy business. I become too exhausted to send any other messages to anyone else. I start planning how to hide on Facebook.

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22 August 2016

The one about boobs, Snapped, and the little-Little’s art {VIDEO!!!}

Hey, y’all! Video number three comin’ atcha tonight. I finally answer those boob questions a few of you had. I’ll show you a sketch by the little-Little and talk about the importance of decompressing. Just so you know, neither of those last two things are related to boobs.

I’m thinking of doing a live chat on Facebook! Would y’all be down for something like that? We could plan for this Friday night, August 26 at say, 9 pm EST? I can make an event page to remind y’all… I dunno. You can make comments and ask questions. I have no idea how ny of that works, so I might want to check that out before Friday. Holyshitballs, that makes me so nervous, but y’all are some of the most freakin’ amazing people I know. We got this.

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19 August 2016

The One About Tattoos, Boobs, and Words {Video!}

Thanks for all the support and love with the first vlog, y’all! I don’t know how often y’all want to hear me being goofy online. I answer some questions y’all asked me and probably touched my boobs too much in this second video, but here ya go! It’s a little longer than the first one, but I kinda get Jesus at the end about how writers write.

Right now, the flim flam connector is slow, so it takes four forevers to upload a video. My internet provider says I runnin’ at maximum speed. Ugh. Country livin’, y’all. I did this video last night before I started work. It took all night to upload. That’s why you’re gettin’ it today. 

I like how we can connect in this way while I’m writin’ the book. My words are important to me (and yeah, I obviously express myself better on paper than in person… cause…. um… um…. UM…), so I’ll find time to make posts happen as well. We’ll get a balance goin’ here over the next few months. Love and peace, B.

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16 August 2016

The one where I prattle about lipstick, my next book, and self love {VIDEO!!!}

Okay, y’all. I prattle. I misspeak. I talk a little about makeup, the second book, and forget to look in the camera lots. I thank you and remind you about this whole loving yourself thing I’m always on about.

Don’t get mad at me about the “for those of you who have children” remark. I was nervous. I meant, love yourself as you love a child… that is if you love children. If you don’t, just nix that whole concept and replace it with something you love and nurture… maybe your dog!

 I hope this is gonna work! I love, love, love you. Peace, B.

PS I say the eff word a couple of times. I can’t help it. That’s my favorite qualifier. I’ll work on not sayin’ it in the next video! Except some shit a’mightys and a couple of asshatmonkeyflippers though.

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