15 September 2017

Lipsense: The Review!

My friend, Tiffany, is da bomb. No seriously. She is. Remember that time I taught a theatre camp? She’s the reason I did that. So, when Tiffany fell in love with LipSense, I took notice. She posted on social media about it like she’d met the love of her makeup life.

Now, I get why.

Teadra Mitchell, one of my readers and an all around fun chick, contacted me in August and asked if I’d give Lipsense a try. Remembering Tiffany’s response to it, I immediately said yes. I’m not good with choosing colors, so I left that up to Teadra. The color she sent was perfect. It’s an outstanding red called Fly Girl. Very me.

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10 June 2017

I Wear What I Want- LuLaRoe!

I’m late to the party. As usual. LuLaRoe’s been around for a few years, but I assumed a plus size woman would find nothing her size from among their fabulous prints and cute styles. Well, I ignored the phenomenon that is LuLaRoe, categorizing it as a brand for people who are smaller and younger than me.

I was wrong.

Nikki Wehry, one of my readers who is a LuLaRoe representative, suggested I give the Carly dress a try. I liked the high-low hem, but I had my doubts. When I saw the size 3X online, it just didn’t look like it would fit. I thought the same thing when the dress arrived. Just no way. Wrong again! The dress is a 64% cotton/ 32% polyester/ 4% spandex blend. It’s some kind of magical combination that fits my size 26 body.

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27 March 2017

Plus Model Magazine Feature

If you’re 40 or older, you have had a front seat to the evolution of plus size fashion in the last few decades.

When I hear 20-something year-old’s complain about how limited plus size fashion is, I always tell them, “You have no idea. What’s available now is leaps and bounds from where we used to be.

Add being over a size 24 to that and you really know the struggle that we had to endure in the 70’s and 80’s.

With that said, we thought it would be interesting, as well as insightful, to spotlight plus size fashion bloggers over 40 in a weekly series, chatting with them about their style, favorite trends and how their fashion choices have evolved over the years.

This week, the 40+ Blogger Series features someone I have been personally following for years and she is one of the bloggers that has inspired me in so many ways… the always empowering and gorgeous Beth, who you may know as One Fabulous Mama, but has since rebranded to BethHallman.com.

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6 November 2016

I Wear What I Want- The Sexy Black Dress

 I had a meeting with serious folks about serious topics, so I picked out a sensible, sassy blue dress and low heels. BUT THEN, a dress arrived from Gwynnie Bee. Now, when I tried it on, my mister was like, “Hot damn, baby!” I went ahead and hung it up on my dressing room door and told him he’d have to take me out on a date and I’d wear it for him. BUT THEN, the morning of the meeting arrived and, in a moment of bravado, I put on the seriously sexy dress, because that’s what it is- both serious and sexy. Turns out, it was the perfect thing to wear that day. Gave me all kinds of confidence and my boobs looked ah-may-zing too. Win-win.
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18 October 2016

I Wear What I Want (Gwynnie Bee- First Impressions)

I signed up for Gwynnie Bee with the hopes of a plus size woman who wants access to pretty clothes without having to take out a second mortgage on her house. I know y’all feel me, ’cause damn. Fat fashion will empty your pocketbook fast. I’m happy to report my first impression of GB is a good one both in terms of cost and quality. I’m not saying the service is perfect, but so far it’s close enough and well worth the money. And speaking of the money… my first month is free, so you know, I haven’t paid any money for the service yet.

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6 October 2016

I Wear What I Want- Leggings

This top was a total departure for me, y’all. The colors, the cut, the fabric, the pattern… I’ve never worn anything like it. When I saw it online, I thought, “Why not try something new?” And so, I tried something new and I dig it! The colors look ah-may-zing. And, and, and I got to wear my new ankle boots too! And, and, and any reason to go out in leggings is a plus. I freaking love to wear leggings. I love how comfortable they are and I adore how my legs look. This outfit felt stylish and fun.

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12 September 2016

I Wear What I Want- The Belt Edition

Ah, belts. Another rule of dressing fat women is that we never (under any circumstances!) wear a belt. Especially if we have fat bellies. What in the hell are we thinking? People will SEE our fatness! And then, nations would crumble. Women will wail. Wars- yes, wars!– will ensue, all because a fat woman wore a belt. Guess what happened last Saturday when I wore a belt to an auction? Nothing. Well, other than I looked absolutely fabulous.

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19 July 2016

I Wear What I Want- The Biltmore Edition

My soul sisters and I went to Asheville for our yearly Bow Chica Pow Wow. I gotta tell ya. I am in love with Asheville. Totally my kinda town. Plus, there’s the Biltmore Estate. I’ve wanted to tour that house for four forevers. One year, my mister gave me a bottle of Biltmore Reisling and a coffee table book for Christmas. Goin’ to the Biltmore didn’t quite fit our budget at the time. I’m thrilled I was able to experience it all with my soul sisters though!

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