18 July 2017

Chicken Salad with Grapes and Pecans

I’m pretty picky when it comes to my chicken salad. I ask what’s in it before I order it at restaurants and you’ll never see me buying any of that premade crapola from a store. I’m always willing to try someone else’s recipe, but (not to go telling tales out of school) I like my chicken salad best. I have a secret ingredient that gives my recipe a little kick.  I betcha can’t guess what it is!

{I first published this recipe in 2013 on my old website. I had to bring it back on accounta I love it so!}

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9 December 2016

The Perfect Christmas Gift

This might be a me thing. Come Christmas, I don’t like exchanging shopping lists with folks to ensure I give them precisely what they want or need. For my kids and my mister, I pay attention, jotting down notes here and there throughout the year. I do the same for my friends, but I never wanna come right out and ask anyone, “Hey, what can I give you that’s under say, twenty bucks?” That kinda spoils the magic.  Continue reading