2 November 2017

Goodbye, social media! Hello, life!

Dear friends,

I’m taking a huge leap of faith and deleting all social media platforms associated with my work. Without drama or fanfare, without a full understanding or explanation of why, I’m letting go. Some writer friends will call me mad, because I’m abandoning platforms I’ve spent years building. A ton of thought has gone into this decision. I’m not abandoning you or my words.

If you want to keep reading my work or if you’d like to connect with me, you can do so here on my website. If you pre-ordered my novel, I have your information stored and you’ll receive a copy when it’s ready. Thank you for believing in me! While I’m no longer accepting pre-orders, you are welcome to stop by my store to purchase my book, 100 Days of Goodness.

I’m excited to see what will happen in my life when no one is watching, when I’m not obsessively checking in in order to check out. I wonder what impact this will have on my life, relationships, and writing. If I ever return to social media, I truly hope we’ll reconnect there. I wish y’all the very best and hope you’ll check back here to read my words.

Much love, B.


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  1. By Kandy Cullers on

    Well….now that I know that I shouldn’t be in a panic because I couldn’t find you anywhere….

    Just wanted to tell you that I will miss you. I hope that you find what it is you are hoping for. Can’t wait to read the novel when it’s done. (Yes, I pre-ordered..we spoke on messenger about it)

    Much love girlie …. get ta writin’ !!!

  2. By Kandy Cullers on

    well hell… not sure if that went through…or if it went through 2 times lol

  3. By Lynne M Gardner on

    You popped in my brain today and I realized I hadn’t seen you on FB and was concerned. Glad I found you here and that you’re ok. Good luck with the new experiment. I love what you said about ‘no more checking in to check out’. I can relate and hope to make some changes myself. I’ll miss your words and pictures, but look forward to the real words coming in your book and anything you care to share here. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. By Stephanie on

    Like the comment above, I was wondering what to make for dinner and realized I hadn’t seen a fb post from you in a few days and couldn’t find you. Good to know you are well! Thinking good thoughts for you😊

  5. By Slash of Blue on

    Nope. Dammit I loved your posts. I think it’s great that you’re doing you though. And also Nope to the pre order. Not sure how I missed that because I already love Honey and cannot wait to learn all about her, but I did. I suppose I’ll just anxiously await her release. Good luck Beth. I’ll miss you out there in social media land, you were for sure a ray of light in what can sometimes be a sea of shit. 💙

  6. By K Coy on

    But how can I have Thanksgiving without your mac and cheese recipe?!

  7. By Kathy Slemp on

    I am so glad you are well! I’ve been worried about you and am glad we can continue to connect here.
    Warm regards,


  8. By Ginny Rodriguez on

    I realized I hadn’t seen any of your posts so I went looking for you. I will miss your daily words. I will look forward to your book. Take care of yourself.

  9. By Ally on

    I do miss your posts, worried when I couldn’t find you… so happy for you! Can’t wait to read the book!

  10. By Elana Parsons on

    I was so worried when I couldn’t find you! So glad to have found this website and that all is well! I just may follow in your footsteps and see what happens as well. Maybe I will start to like people again lol!!!

  11. By LindaB on

    I freaked out when I realized I hadn’t seen you on FB in forever. Very happy to read that you are well and writing and doing whatever you want/need to. Blessings to you and your family!

  12. By Delane Way on

    Best wishes to your entire family. I have enjoyed you all so much over the years through your posts and raw honesty. Peace and blessings this holiday season. Enjoy!

  13. By Catherine Campbell on

    we were worried, But we are so happy for you, you helped so many, Good luck on all your endeavors, many blessings to you and your family…

  14. By Michelle Gresham on

    You know I will miss you like crazy !!! I too panicked when I could not find you, but I sincerely understand. I will do miss your words of wisdom on a regular basis . Hope you find a true peace and whatever it is your heart most desires. Thanks for all your brilliant words over the years !!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  15. By Diane Scott on

    I miss your beautiful face and your wonderful words!! You have made me laugh and bawl like a little baby…I hope you are well and happy! Have a Very Merry Christmas to you and your Great family. Hope to see your words on the book of Face again soon. Love you Beth. You have helped me in so many ways and you don’t even know it!!

  16. By Debbie Craigie on

    Like everyone else I was panicked when I realized November had gone by and you weren’t back so I went sleuthing. Glad to know are well. I too will miss your humor and stories but will keep watching for Honey. Take care and Merry Christmas to to you and your family.

  17. By Tina Lunn on

    I hadn’t seen anything on the book of face for a while, and I assumed that my settings got messed up with one of the million updates, so I went to look up your page and make sure I was following…

    And then I flew into a blind panic when not only could I not find you there, but not ANYWHERE! Not even at your previous domain name! I was terrified that something horrible had happened to you! I’m so relieved to find out that you are safe and sound!

    Much love to you, Mama B! I followed you for years, and I’ll miss your wonderful posts. Take care of you and your wonderful family. Enjoy life!

  18. By Sharon M on

    I’m very glad you are following your dreams. Selfishly, I miss your presence in my life and I look forward to your success. In the meantime, I’m cooking pot roast tonight in the slow cooker that you encouraged me to buy and wearing anything I damn well want because you showed me the way. Peace and Love, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  19. By Jen on

    Mild freak out when I couldn’t find you. You do you, be fabulous and shine. We will be here waiting with open arms. Much love!

  20. By Becky Richey on

    Miss reading your posts. Hope you return to Facebook again! Good luck with your book and all that you do!

  21. By Emily on

    Miss you, lady. I hope your holidays went smashingly well and you were able to snuggle all 3 of your littles altogether at some point. Smooches.


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