18 October 2016

I Wear What I Want (Gwynnie Bee- First Impressions)

I signed up for Gwynnie Bee with the hopes of a plus size woman who wants access to pretty clothes without having to take out a second mortgage on her house. I know y’all feel me, ’cause damn. Fat fashion will empty your pocketbook fast. I’m happy to report my first impression of GB is a good one both in terms of cost and quality. I’m not saying the service is perfect, but so far it’s close enough and well worth the money. And speaking of the money… my first month is free, so you know, I haven’t paid any money for the service yet.


I’m gonna walk y’all through the process, the timing, and the unveiling of the first shipment with my honest to God commentary along the way. I’ll show off my first GB outfit as well. No one’s paying me to do this, but I do get a kickback when you sign up at my special Refer a Friend link. If you do sign up (and you get the first month free, so you’re not out any money if you don’t like it), use my link. Please and thank you. You’ll get a Refer a Friend link of your own once you sign up and can enjoy the same benefits I do.

The concept of renting clothes seemed weird to me at first. Took me a full year to get back around to investigating further, seeing if this subscription service is legit, and breaking down the cost per outfit. So, let’s discuss.



What the what is Gwynnie Bee?

Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. You can rent clothes with free shipping and unlimited exchanges for a monthly fee with the option to buy (at a discounted price) whatever piece of clothing you’ve rented. Seriously. That’s it. Gwynnie Bee says:


Try- Explore top brands and curated collections then add styles to your online closet.

Wear- Get the latest trends delivered to your door and rock them as many times as you like.

Love- Fall in love with new styles launched weekly and embrace your fashion personality.

Wear- Wear & return. Shipping is always free or Keep- Wear & buy it for less than retail price.

   In other words, wear it once and exchange or keep it as long you want. You get unlimited USPS priority shipping both ways. Postage paid envelopes are included in every box. Don’t worry about cleaning it. They do that. If you really, really want to keep an item, buy it at a discount and your next item is shipped just as if you returned it.


I joined Gwynnie Bee on Saturday, October 1. I selected the 3 items out at a time subscription. You can get different kinds of subscriptions, but I’ll talk about that later. I was directed to fill my “closet” with a minimum of 25 pieces of clothing from their collection and prioritize which pieces I’d like to receive first. They’ll try to send you what you want first. This is based on availability. No problem filling my closet with well over 25 items. The clothes are beautiful. The input provided by customer reviews is invaluable.

I received an email from Gwynnie Bee on Monday, October 3 with a link to New Member FAQ. I had occasion to speak directly with customer service about their affiliate program for bloggers. Remember, I’m not an affiliate. They were super polite. Couldn’t answer my question, apologized for passing me off to someone else, and made sure I knew my first subscription box was on track to arrive soon.

My first box did arrive within their stated time frame (up to 72 hours to process membership and 3 to 5 days to process orders). I was disappointed though. Waiting until the 12th to get the first box was hard, but again, given weekends and a federal holiday, GB did their job. And seriously, I was like a kid waitin’ on Christmas mornin’ for her parents to get on up already.

While I was waiting for my first subscription box to arrive, I discovered the GB Shop. When clothes are removed from circulation, GB offers them at deeply discounted prices in this shop available to members only. I mean, deeply discounted prices. I ordered three pieces immediately. I was notified that one didn’t pass their final inspection a few days later. I haven’t checked to make sure they refunded it yet. I was disappointed, but grateful they have such stringent practices and policies in place for the clothes they send out into the plus size world.

At last! At last! My first subscription box arrived on the 12th.

And here’s what the open package looked like, y’all. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I was clapping my hands together in complete joy. It took so much restraint not to tear into it right then and there. Pictures, be damned! The clothes I rented were wrapped in one bundle. I received one item I prioritized. Yay! The items I purchased from the shop were wrapped in another bundle. Two prepaid purple priority mail bags were at the bottom of the package. I appreciate the opportunity to use that alliteration, GB.

I ordered these two pieces from the GB Shop. The wrap dress was the one they refunded. The third piece is this incredible tiger print scuba tank. It’s too big, but I think I can take it in at the seams. I adore it. The striped dress above is effing amazing, y’all. I’m not gonna go on about it here. Just expect to see it soon in an another I Wear Want I Want blog. To be clear, these are pieces I purchased from the GB Shop. These are not pieces I rented. The cost of the striped dress was $26 (retail $220) and the tank was $14 (retail $70 ). Both are in like new condition. I see no flaws of any kind on either garment and, believe me, I looked hard.


These were the three pieces in my first order:

This amazing pencil skirt went right into a return bag after I tried it on. Just nope, nope, nope for me. I scanned the bar code and let GB know it was on its way back. They started preparing my next package.

I tried it on and I bought it immediately. This dress looks so pretty on me. I can’t wait to wear it on a date with my mister or to one of his concerts. The cost was $34. I don’t know what it retails for and I don’t care. This is a look I want in my closet for a few years! As soon as I purchased it, my next package was being prepared by GB. Look for it in an I Wear What I Want post.

I chose to wear this shirt the very next day when I met a friend for lunch and had fifty million errands to run. You’ll see the look I pulled together in a minute. I popped it in the second mail bag included in my first subscription box the moment I took it off. Scanned the bar code. GB let me know they were preparing another shipment.


I received two more items on Saturday, October 15. The turn around time on the skirt and the dress was only two days. I received two of my prioritized pieces. I purchased one outright and sent the other one back (too small). I think I’ll get better at sizing the brands the longer I’m a member. Obviously, for me, the danger is wanting to buy the rented pieces! The second dress I purchased is a hot little number I knew I’d wear again and again. So, now, I’m waiting for my third shipment. I’ve seen that they’re all pieces I prioritized.

We’re 18 days in and I’ve had 5 pieces come through my real life closet. Two were the wrong size (my bad), two I purchased (I don’t see that happening much given my monthly clothing budget.). One I wore and sent straight back.

The expected delivery date for my next shipment is tomorrow. That’s eight looks passing through my fabulous fingers. I’m aiming for ten per month just via my subscription. I know, I know. That’s a lofty goal, but I want to get the most looks for my money (and remember, I haven’t paid for my first month’s subscription!). I want to average $9 to $11 per look each month. That’s my goal. So, here we go. Let’s talk about the cost of subscriptions.

You can get any of the following subscriptions to suit your wants/needs/budgets.

1 out at a time- $49

2 out at a time- $69

3 out at a time- $95

5 out at a time- $139

7 out at a time- $179

10 out at a time- $199

My wants and needs are the 10 items out at a time subscription. My budget is the 3 items out at a time subscription. I felt like the 3 out at a time choice would give me the most bang for my buck. So far, so good in that regard. Again, the two items that didn’t fit slowed down the process, but I think I’ll get better with the brands and sizes with time.

Before I sum up my first impression of Gwynnie Bee (including the cons of the service), let’s get to my first Gwynnie Bee look!

I knoooooooowwww! I love it too, y’all. The print is fantastic. The hi-lo cut is magnificent. And the heels with the denim? Oh, yes, please. I probably could have gone down one size for the top, but I still love the flow of it.

Not to be all look at me… but look at me! I love this look!

Alrighty here’s what I love about Gwynnie Bee…
1. The price is right for this subscription service. I want to infuse my wardrobe with great looks without spending a fortune or buying pieces I’ll wear once. I can see this really working for folks who work an office gig and want to change up their wardrobes. Yeah, Gwynnie Bee is perfect for that. I’m thinking of Gwynnie Bee as a way for me to celebrate my love of my body. I want to dress in clothes I love!

2. The clothes in their collection are incredible. A wide range of styles are available, so folks like me who are eclectic and folks who are more conservative and folks who are trendy… we can all get what we want!

3. The customer reviews. I adore being able to read what other women think of the clothes before I add them to my closet. I already have a favorite reviewer named Nicole, a comedian who is spot on and delightful. We look nothing alike, but I can gauge what something will look like on me when I see her in it. Seriously. That’s invaluable.

4. Quick turn around time. The one thing that will make or break my experience is how many clothes I can get for my money throughout the month. They are delivering nicely.

5. The GB Shop. I had no idea this existed until after I joined. Clothes that have been retired from circulation go to the GB Shop. Sizes vary, but you can get them for a steal. That striped $220 dress for $26? Oh. My. God. Yesssssss. I love that dress so much.

6. Being able to try something on from the comfort of my own home and buy it if I want it or wear it however many times I want and then, send it on back. That’s the coolest thing EVER.

Here’s my one and only beef with GB… The models they use in their collections are on the smaller end of the plus size fashion scale. I’m not hating on those models. They’re lovely, but Gwynnie Bee offers clothes in sizes 10 to 32. Why don’t we see that reflected in the models they use in their collection? They do use first fit reviewers (like Nicole) who are upper plus, but I have to search those subscriber photos out for myself.


Now, back to I Wear What I Want

The look from top to bottom:

shirt- Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Hi Lo Tee in Graffiti Print from Gwynnie Bee

pants- skinny jeans from On the Plus Side

bracelets- bangles from all over plus a Buddha bracelet I made

necklace- The UGA bookstore. I got it for a penny. No, seriously.

shoes- Catherine’s clearance (five bucks)



I am loving Gwynnie Bee and recommend the subscription service, friends. Try it out for that free month. See if you like it. I can’t wait to show y’all the next few looks. I’m gonna rock that striped dress at an author event on October 29th! Love and peace, B.

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