15 November 2016

I Wear What I Want- Horizontal Stripes Edition

Fat girls don’t wear stripes. That’s all there is to it. I stopped listening to words like don’t and rules and shouldn’t a while back. I’ve now stopped listening to words like flattering and slimming too. I know. Mother effing liberating!

   When I saw this dress by TBags Los Angeles in the GB Shop, I had to have it. It retails for $220. I scored it for $26. Gwynnie Bee, right? I can’t get enough of Gwynnie Bee! This is the perfect dress for fall. I’ll be wearing it as much as possible this month! It looks like a sweater dress, but it’s a 96/4 poly spandex blend. Dry clean only which sucks, but I can live with that given how ah-may-zing this piece is.
   The more I claim my body and embrace radical self acceptance, the more fantastic I feel, friends! Accepting myself allows me to celebrate what I can do in and with my body as it is. Not when I lose fifty pounds. Not if I had a smaller waist line. Right this very minute. This radical self acceptance has given me the ability to move, move, move AND embrace my glorious, fat body. I am loving dressing this body of mine. And I wear what I want! Peace, B.
Dayum! I lurve this outfit!
The look from head to toe:
earrings- I made them using marked down baubles from Hobby Lobby.
necklace- Found the cool turquoise piece in the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby.
hand flower bracelet- I found at a booth during this year’s South Georgia Pride.
dress- TBags by Los Angeles at the GB Shop for Gwynnie Bee subscribers
leggings- Catherine’s
boots- Lane Bryant
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